Takashi Murakami's view on art

An introduction to Takashi Murakami's world, opinions, and the meaning he gives to art and what it can do for people.

Bright colors, cartoonish characters, and playful imagery are frequently used to describe Takashi Murakami's artwork, but this playfulness is actually based in a deeper philosophy that holds valuable lessons for all of us. Murakami believes that everyone has the capacity for creativity and that art should be a space where people can experiment, explore and express themselves without fear of judgement.

Additionally, he thinks that art has the capacity to unite individuals and promote intercultural understanding. His art frequently combines elements of Western and Japanese pop culture, resulting in a synthesis that appeals to people from all walks of life. He thinks that participating in art is something we do, not just observe, and that by doing so, we can bring a little more joy into the world.

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