An Introduction to DigitalDoes, aka Joos Van Barneveld

Joos Van Barneveld, aka Digital Does was born in 1982 in Holland. Self-taught in art, he has been involved in the street art scene and created a lot of vivid, intricate murals. Those have earned him a notoriety on a global scale.

His use of elaborate, detailed patterns and bold, graphic shapes—often combined with calligraphic and typographic elements—defines his visual language.

Does produces a lot of studio-based work as well, such as paintings and prints. His work has already been displayed internationally in galleries and art shows.

However, he stays in a constant state of exploration and experimentation in his art. Lately, he has been incorporating 3D in his creations, thus mixing traditional graffiti with more traditional plastic art techniques, breaking down the barriers of urban art to reach contemporary art.

You will be able to see his latest artworks at our partner gallery (Extend Gallery in Brussels) from the 20th of April onwards.

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