A look at Murakami's Korin series

While creating the Korin series, Takashi Murakami was heavily influenced by the works of Edo-era artist Ogata Korin. The artist was a master of Rinpa, a decorative painting technique distinguished by vivid hues, strong compositions, and complex patterns.

Murakami's Korin series combine modern cultural allusions with traditional Japanese themes. The paintings stand out for their intricate surfaces that are covered in a plethora of flowers, leaves, and waves that are painted in vibrant colors and gold foil. The overall impression is one of strong visual vitality, as if the painting's surface were pulsing with life.

Murakami's "Superflat" style, which aims to blur the lines between different media, is best exemplified by the Korin series. It fuses traditional Japanese art with modern popular culture like anime and manga, The Korin series is a prominent example of this aesthetic. Murakami views this as a means to embrace both Japan's love of all things cute and playful as well as its rich cultural heritage.

You can see four limited editions from Murakami's Korin series at our art gallery in Liège. "Flowers Blooming On Death Island," "The Golden River," "Returning From a Wandering Journey," and "The Land Beyond The Death”. These four prints are perfect examples of modern artwork that pays tribute to traditional Japanese culture.

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